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It's been a slow posting week because I was watching the final games of the two League Championship Series. After back to back seventh game disappointments, I'm ready to blog again. I'll be sitting out the World Series, I think. I know I'll be disappointed by that since I don't want either team to win. It's not like there's anything especially evil about the Yanks and the Fish (I mean, at least it's not Atlanta or the -- shudder -- Mets), but when you had your heart set on the Battle of the Curses, it's hard to get excited about anything else.

I'm starting to think there may actually be something to these curses. How else to explain the implosion of the Cubs? The Red Sox didn't fall apart quite so spectacularly, but when you chase Roger Clemens out in the fourth and have Pedro Martinez cruising with a three-run lead in the decisive game, it's hard not to see some sort of sinister force at work (Jeff Angus, in his Management by Baseball blog, is rational enough to see only bad management technique -- thanks to Mark Bernstein for spotting this). And curses are fun to believe in, too.

I'll have to start thinking about what the Phillies have done since 1981 to anger the gods at them.