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Damn Fish!

Just when the Phils looked like they were getting on track, they go and get swept again by the Marlins. That's three straight sweeps going back to last seasonn, and 18 of the last 20 meetings of the teams. If this keeps up much longer, the Fish may dethrone both the evil Braves and the evil Mets for my most hated team in baseball.

While I still maintain that the offense on this team is suspect (and the Phils are still second-last in runs scored), you can't pin this series loss on the batsmen, who scored seven runs in the last two games. Both of those games were lost by the pitchers. On Wednesday, the bullpen squandered a nice start by Milton (6IP, 1R) by allowing a 5-run seventh, then gave up game-tying and game-winning homers to Mike Lowell in the 9th and 12th innings. Last night, Myers got shelled (6IP, 7R), but they kept creeping back into the game until Cormier gave up yet another homer, a two-run shot, to Lowell in the top of the 9th.