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Boola, boola!

Last Saturday, while many of America's football-watching eyes were focused on a little contest in Columbus, OH, something much more important happened back east in Cambridge, Mass: as Yale trounced Harvard, 34-13 and claimed part of the Ivy League championship. For those who would like to celebrate the blessed event with me, please listen to Bull-dog and Down the Field (performed by the Yale Precision Marching Band). Feel free to sing along.

[As it does in other respects, Yale has something of an embarrassment of riches in the fight song department. "Bull-dog" (composed by Cole Porter '13) is for after touchdowns. "Down the Field" is for the end of games. Then there's the general-purpose "Boola, boola," "Goodnight, poor Harvard" and "Bingo" (another Porter composition). Finally, of course, the solemn alma mater, "Bright College Years," played only at Princeton and Harvard games (and always accompanied, when performed properly, by handkerchief-waving during the final "For God, for Cou-ou-ountry, and for Yale"). When I went to University of Georgia, I found myself at the opposite extreme: they barely even have one fight song—"Glory, Glory"—performed without any words (although you can sing "U-niversity of Georgia, U-niversity of Georgia, U-niversity of Georgia, we go to U-G-A!" to its melody, which almost counts). That, and the "Gooooooooo Dawgs, Sic'em" cheer for kickoffs. I was disappointed.]

To close out the musical celebration, here's the YPMB performing Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit. And remember, your Veritas sux if it ain't got that Lux!

Update 11/26: Beau Dure wrote to to inform me that UGA's fight song actually does have words. 3.5 words, to be exact:

Glory, glory to Ol' Georgia!
Glory, glory to Ol' Georgia!
Glory, glory to Ol' Georgia!
I appreciate the information and apologize for impugning the lyrical prowess of the Bulldog faithful.