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I'll get you, Dorothy! And your little dog, too!

I am becoming curious to the state of distraction about the identity behind that big red dot hovering over east-central Kansas in my ClustrMap ClustrMap of Donut Age visitors from the US, July 27-November 15, 2005 (ClustrMaps, incidentally, is the commercial re-birth of HitMaps after the latter was swamped by volume). They still have a free plan, but $10/year will get you higher traffic limits and nifty continent views like the one to the left.) That dot represents 30+ page views from a fairly small geographic area. The only other dots that big are me and a couple large metro areas. Unless some major search engine is based in Topeka Wichita, I can only conclude I have some intensely devoted reader out there in the heartland. If you are out there Mysterious Visitor, I have many questions for you, so . You can have a GMail, Flickr, and/or ClustrMaps invitation if you do.