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Quitting Technorati

I've had it with Technorati. I've never used them for much more than finding out about the occasional link to my site, but over the past few months, even this small service has repeatedly failed me.

  1. I can't get them to acknowledge that I have updated the site since the new year. I've tried pinging through Tinderbox, through Ping-o-Matic, and directly from their website, and none have had an impact.
  2. At least half the time I try to check my 'Blogs That Link Here' link, I get an error message saying that they are 'experiencing a high volume of requests.' Also, eror or no, the site is painfully slow.
  3. No one ever responded to my request-for-support email about the above problems.

I realize I'm not paying them anything, and that I'm way out on the thin end of the Long Tail, but still.... They promised a service, and they sure have not been delivering it. So, bye.