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Spam a creative writer's friend?

I don't get as much spam as some people, and probably less than I should given how freely I circulate my email address, and what I do get is being handled pretty effectively by SpamSieve these days. I guess that's why I don't feel the overwhelming sense of moral outrage towards it that seems to be widely held. (My only real hobby horse is all the Russian spam I get. I mean really, how big can the market for credulous, drug-seeking slavophones be that they need to email everyone in the world with these offers?) Once in a while, I even poke through my spam file and find amusing oddities. This morning, I received mail from Aurelio Sherwood (, Numbers Brady (, Theron Quinones (, and Lolita Pearson ( What great names! I think a story, novel, play, or film starring these four characters would just have to be interesting. Indeed, I'd like to see the adventures of Numbers Brady become a long-running TV or movie franchise.

On a similar note, I recall Diane Greco publishing a found spam poem about a year ago (no permalink, but go to her Expired Whinges page and search for "spam poem") and a quick Google search reveals this is a certifiable pop meme, which on second thought makes sense. Why take the time to do automatic writing when spammers do it for you for free?