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Double the feeds, double the fun

Jill is happy when she figures something out, and so am I. My RSS 2.0 feed is now up (see sidebar) and even validates! RSS feed validated by For variety's sake, I'll continue to offer the 0.92 feed in its headline-only form.

I built my new feed on some templates that came with my "corresponding participant" status (meaning I didn't attend, but I got all the goodies in the mail) in one of last year's Tinderbox Weekends. The good thing about RSS 2.0, is that you can put XML CDATA (unrestricted text content) into certain elements, notably the <content:encoded> one, which appears to give you carte blanche to put in whatever HTML encoding you want. I feel like a cheated a little in that for the <description> element, which is designed to contain a summary or synopsis of the full post, I'm just putting in "Posted by Bill on XX/XX/XXXX." I simply gave up after trying, unsatisfactorily, various permutations of Tinderbox export codes (^text(object, N), ^paragraphs(N), and ^encode ) to fill this element with a truncated version of the main post that was free of any potential XML gremlins.

So anyway, I'm happy with my shiny new feeds, and I hope they bring others a lifetime of aggregating pleasure.