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8'03" (apologies to John Cage)

I've mentioned Apple's iMix before — a feature of the iTunes Music Store that allows account-holders to upload playlists and gives other shoppers the opportunity to buy those tracks with one click (I wonder if anyone actually does this, or if iMix mostly serves the vanity of the mixer). Well some clever iMixer has posted what is perhaps the ultimate playlist: one consisting entirely of silent tracks from iTMS albums. 14 tracks (seven of which are individually purchasable) amounting to 8 minutes, 3 seconds of empty bytes. Even more interestingly, three of the tracks are offered in both "Explicit" and "Clean" versions.

Update (11:30 PM): A little nosing around the ITMS revealed at least a two other silent playlists very similar to the one referenced above, and these pointed me to the apparent source of this concept: an "episode" from over a year ago of As the Apple Turns. However, the anonymous iMixer above has added two tracks (totaling 1:04 of extra silence) to AtAT's original 9 (or 12), so I give props all around.