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Lack of exercise

Jill has a nice post up summarizing and expanding on a number of bloggers and researchers who argue that blogging helps with their non-blogging writing as well, that blogging is writerly exercise. If so, I guess I have been a couch potato lately, and my writing muscles are getting all soft and flabby...

In actual fact, I have been very busy trying to wrap up what has been a very hard semester, and blogging has been a luxury I haven't been able to afford (this is also my standard excuse for why I don't do any physical exercise, by the way). I'm not done with all that yet, but Jill's post has me feeling guilty, so here I am.

I have been doing a little behind-the-scenes bloggery of late. Sharp-eyed readers might notice that Donut Age started sporting a shiny new favicon a couple weeks ago. It was amazingly easy to set up with the help of a quick Google search (there are a bajillion how-to articles out there, I looked at postings at Matthew's Apples and Leaves Rustle for Mac-specific instructions. The latter also has a link to Windows instructions).

I've also become something of a addict. I've been using this "social bookmarking system" for a while now, but at first I was pretty selective about what I posted. Lately, I've been posting everything that catches my eye to on the hope that I'll someday have the time to go back and actually look at things. I've also been discarding ancient emails and text fragments whose only purpose has been to hold a URL I thought might be important and moving these onto as well. I discovered the Inbox feature just in time to be really bummed that it's been disabled for some sort of back-end maintenance. I'm working on including a feed of links in my sidebar, but that may take some tinkering. In short, I am now utterly dependent on and I'm starting to wonder what will become of me if they shut down (or start charging money).

If the previous paragraph sounds like gibberish, check out this nice "beginner's guide " at beelerspace.