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New look

As mentioned earlier, I've been making a number if changes to the site design. The most obvious is the new three-column layout and some added content: On the Road in Us for my travels this semester and Donutarians in Them for some of my donut-themed brethren in the blogosphere.

Following a cue from Doing Something Different, I revised the way I do categories. Now there are three category attributes, and the category-collecting agents search all three. I can still assign multiple categories to a post (I think three is all I'll ever need), but I can also have the File Under line include links to each category named. It was pretty easy with a little conditional-nesting in the export template.

The important development is that I finally completed the big overhaul of my archives. The old archives page will stay up as a destination for old bookmarks, but all posts are now being archived as individual pages, with the new permalinks pointing to those pages. I'm also playing with a referrer script that I got from Stephen's Web on those pages. I would really like to implement TrackBack for posts, but I'm not on MovableType and although I've looked at the documentation for Standalone Trackback, I haven't felt adventurous enough to try to install it.

Incidentally, while trying to reformat the archives, I ran into a Tinderbox error that kept interrupting the export. After pulling my hair out all weekend and not figuring out what was wrong, I emailed Eastgate for tech support and got a same-day response from Mark Bernstein that helped isolate the problem, which was then easy to fix (turns out the default value of HTMLFileNameMaxLength -- 32 characters -- is too high, allowing Tinderbox to try to write an illegal filename. Reducing the default value for that attribute to 26 or less solved the problem immediately). Others have mentioned Eastgate's great tech support before. This was my first chance to experience it first-hand.

There's a backlog of stuff to report, but it's late and I have class tomorrow.