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I still love my iPhone (and not in an entirely wholesome way, I'm afraid), but I am starting to regret that my purchase puts me into the same class as a bunch of greedy, deluded whiners. The outcry over the iPhone's price-drop was bad enough (note to whiners: you stood in line to buy a phone; of course you got overcharged for it). Now you've got people screaming for Steve Jobs's head on a pike because the latest iPhone software update bricked some unlocked phones and squashed the (unsupported, officially discouraged) third-party apps some hackers had managed to get onto their phones, just like Apple said it would. While I've learned not to begrudge people the right to turn their own stupidity into multimillion-dollar lawsuits, what's especially bizarre about the current crop of iWhiners is that it includes normally sensible people like Leo Laporte and the entire staff of MacWorld. I'm not giving links to any of these clowns, but if you want details, try any of the following worthwhile anti-whiners:

There's not much to add to the above debunking. I will observe, though, that perhaps the worst thing about the iWhiners is that they add fuel to the usual crowd of Mac-bashers by apparently proving that Mac users really are a cult of brainless morons who snap up whatever Apple hands them. On the other hand, all the whining by Apple "faithful" might at least exonerate Artie MacStrawman from the charge that he delivers death threats to anyone who dares criticize Apple products.