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Tiny changes

I'm not sure if it is a measure of how much I miss my family or just an indication that I am going soft in my old age, but when a friend pointed me, some weeks ago, toward the following video for Frightened Rabbit's Head Rolls Off, I found myself sitting in my office, transfixed and teary-eyed.

And what's a little bit odd about all this is that I'd already been listening the hell out of the album it comes from—Midnight Organ Fight (2008)—for several weeks, and this song hadn't particularly impressed itself on me (The Modern Leper, Good Arms vs. Bad Arms, Old Old Fashioned, and Keep Yourself Warm—to name a few—had all gotten my attention by that point). But now, thanks to a rather low-key and, frankly, nonsensical video of kids dancing madly (but also looking bored and even distressed) to a song about Jesus and the dead in Heaven, pulling at my heart-strings for reasons having nothing really to do with the song, I am positively obsessed with it. In particular, I've been dwelling on part of the refrain: