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Adventures in wi-fi poaching

Day 7 without internet, and panic is starting to kick in. Yesterday, I made a solo expedition down the Lister Meile, a long shopping street extending, spoke-like, from the Hannover Hauptbahnhof out to the edge of List (our neighborhood), ostensibly for the purpose of obtaining a couple useful things (money and a subway map), but really an attempt to track down an Internet café or otherwise get myself online. After a couple hours of marching past closed shopfronts (it was a Sunday after all), I finally managed to land in a restaurant that, while not exactly advertising itself as an Internet cafe, did offer free wireless access. For the price of a cappuccino and having to endure an episode of MTV's That's Amore! with German subtitles, I was able to connect long enough to do some emergency email maintenance and download some new podcast episodes (which should make my return flight a little more bearable). I did not get around to uploading blog entries, however. Ah well.

Today, I found a two-square-foot area in the corner of our bedroom where for a few hours, I managed to pick up a fairly continuous (and unprotected) wireless signal from, presumably, one of our neighbors. Unfortunately, this window of connectivity fell during the late-afternoon to kids’ bedtime gauntlet, so I wasn’t able to make the best use of it. I caught up on my web comics, Twitter, and a few favorite blogs and that was about it. Again, did no get around to updating Donut Age. Sorry.

I'm starting to feel a bit like a digital hobo with all this grubbing about for wifi signals. I'm not just being cheap, though. I'd be happy to pay for my Internet. Its just those sluggards at Deutsche Telecomm who can't be bothered to come out and give us a phone and DSL in less than 2 and a half weeks.