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Heavy rotation: Oct. 29-Nov. 4, 2007

Here's installment number two of of my new format for music-logging. One thing that is already clear is that given my listening habits, which are structured around the monthly cycle of my eMusic subscription, the weekly "top artists" lists are going to have a fair amount repetition in them from one week to the next. I don't know if that's a problem per se—in fact it might be interesting to see if my enthusiasm for a brand new acquisition sustains for several weeks or fades after the first blush—but I'll go ahead an apologize in advance for entries along the lines of "Still listening to [insert album name] a lot. Still rocks."

  1. Golem! - Still listening to Fresh off the Boat a lot. Still rocks (in its manic, klezmer way).
  2. Beat Happening - Still working through the six-month echo of my complete retrospective of the Beat Happening catalog. The only album of theirs I do not have in iTunes is their final one, You Turn me On (1992), which is sitting in vinyl purgatory. If I had to pick only one to have, though, it would be Jamboree (1988), nearly every song of which belongs on my imaginary Beat Happening Greatest Hits list, and one of which, The This Many Boyfriends Club, has earned one of my very rare 5-star ratings. This last is Beat Happening distilled down to their twee as fuck essence: out of tune singing accompanied by nothing but meandering feedback and what sounds like distant screams; willfully childish lyrics suffused by anger and desire; all alchemically combined into something miraculous, so that when Calvin delivers the final line—the banal