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Playin' hooky

Oops. Looks like I slept through the month of June without blogging. And I can't blame ill health either. For one reason or another, I got off to a slow start the first couple weeks, and then was on my vacation in Paris (poor me) with just limited enough Internet access to justify blowing off the month entirely. I am back home now, though, and have every intention of buckling down and getting back to my previous standard of erratic posting.

I'm not up for a full travelogue right now, but I will say that although I had a lovely time in Paris, the actual process of getting there and back was almost miserable enough for me to swear off air travel forever. Between the flight delays, the lost luggage, the obstinately unhelpful airline employees, and the half-assed "security" measures that only manage to make the whole process slower and less convenient, I am almost inclined to think that there's a conspiracy afoot to punish people for traveling outside their home country. Next time, maybe I'll just work my way across in a cattle boat. I'd probably be treated better.