Donut Age: America's Donut Magazine

36 days of fame

I wasn't aware of this until after the fact, but for 36 days, Donut Age was listed in the Wikipedia article on Doughnuts, under the heading of "Doughtnuts and popular culture." A revision for 13 August observed:

Doughnuts have also been used increasingly as a symbol of America, over-indulgence, and just a plain old sounding board on the internet. Websites such as, and are few of the more immersive ones.

I'm as puzzled as I am flattered by the categorization of Donut Age as "immersive," and I'll leave as an exercise for readers the question of what I am using donuts to symbolize. Anyway, on 17 Spetmeber, wikipedian Fubar Obfusco decided enough was enough and deleted the reference. I can't really fault that decision.

(I discovered all of this by way a periodic ego-surf, whch turned up Dyslexia Makes reading Nuf!!!, who had cited the relevant portion of the article.)