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Tinderbox 3.5

Tinderbox 3.5 is out, and I'm very excited. Mark Bernstein has been previewing features such as automatic link discovery and common words for a while now, and they've had me pretty interested, but the thing that made me drop everything and download it immediately is actually the new support for OS X's font panel. One of my private grumbles about Tinderbox in the past has been the limited text formatting options for notes, font panel support should take care of that complaint nicely.

There seems to be a lot of other cool features in the the new Tinderbox. One of the most obvious is a substantially changed Note window. Screenshot of Tinderbox 3.5 Note window A bunch of metadata that one used to have to go into various other windows to get at is now in a sidebar to each note. I find myself mucking around in attributes pretty frequently, so this is a great feature for me. Non-geeks may prefer the old interface, however, and that's available too through a simple toggle control.

This is definitely a major update and probably a good cue for people who've been dawdling on upgrading their license. I know I'm a shameless Eastgate fanboy, but seeing development like this is one of the things that makes me more than happy to support them.