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Notes about Notes

Eastgate Systems — makers of my beloved Tinderbox (a new version of which, 3.0.1, was recently released) — has launched a new website, Notes about Notes. I'll let it speak for itself: "This site collects ideas about making, analyzing, organizing, and sharing notes. The First Principle of making better notes is simple: make notes. Write it down."

This looks like an interesting venture — Mark Bernstein is nothing if not thought-provoking. While the web currently has plenty of people discussing personal productivity and information management tools and techniques (Ted Goranson's excellent About This Particular Outliner series and Merlin Mann's 43 Folders blog are two notable examples), Mark brings particular qualifications to the table. Besides his vast technical expertise he steeped in the traditions of hypertext theory, which from Vannevar Bush on has explored how technology can be employed to improve how we access information and manipulate it into usable structures. I'll definitely be keeping my eye on this.