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Blogging workshop

Last week, I gave a workshop for faculty on blogging. I stuck mostly to the basics: giving some definitions (many thanks to Jill for helping me re-find hers), deciphering some of the jargon, showing a few examples, and finally (briefly) touching on the educational applications of blogging.

One useful outcome of the workshop, for me at least, was that I spent quite a bit of time sorting through (and adding to) my collection of blogging-related bookmarks. Several of these have been linked here previously, but I thought it would be useful to compile them for easy reference. Here, for example is a (perhaps somewhat arbitrary) collection of blog criticism links I assembled for the talk:

For the truly curious, I'm also posting my complete Powerpoint presentation (PPT, 388KB), which also includes links to sample blogs of various flavors and to blogging tools and resources on the web.