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I'll let others discuss the superbowl

As a native of the Greater Philadelphia Media Market, I don't really want to talk about the Iggles' loss in the Super Bowl. I'm not really in mourning or anything, we GPMMers are used to disappointment, and we did manage to keep the game interesting right down to the end. I just don't have anything that interesting or witty to say about the game. Instead I'll just refer y'all to Mark Bernstein (interesting analysis of what makes the Patriots great and how it relates to New Media research) and the Vidiots at (witty panel discussion of the spectacle's high- and, more often, low-lights. While I don't agree with them that the game was dull, I definitely agree with their assessment of the the commercials.'s chimps and Kinko's/FedEx's groin kick were the clear winners of that competition).