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Fan mail... not!

I get a fair amount of spam from companies trying to sell either web-design services or search engine "submission" (the latter is pretty silly: if spambots can find my site, so can people). Sometimes it is mildly entertaining:

I got to visit your site ' ', the official website of "Donut Age", and found it to be very informative. I understand that Donut Age is an accomplished world class American Donut magazine. The content of your site, particularly "Syndication", is quite interesting. The product range offered by your company is very impressive.

Well, "," I'm glad your robot enjoyed its visit to Donut Age. And to return the favor, may we point out that the main page of your site,, does not validate and does not pass a Bobby accessibility check. Maybe if it at least did those things, I would be more interested in getting a "makeover" from you instead of adding to my spam filter. Have a nice day.